Introducing me, and how I know I can help you

Let me tell you how I got my bikini-ready body, grew two centimetres and got rid of my aches and pains – all within three weeks!  And then I gained a new business too!!

Towards the end of 2004 I was heading to Australia’s Gold Coast for a summer holiday.  I don’t know why I left it until so late, but three weeks before we were due to depart I decided my behind was closer to the ground than it ought to be – it was way too saggy!  Residing in its current location, it was not going to be seen around the pool or beach in a swimming costume of any sort!

Some time back, a good friend had told me about Callanetics as a way for me to relieve the constant and often acute pain in my lower back.  She said as an added benefit it was also great at toning your body.  But I didn’t do anything about it until vanity raised its beautiful head and set me off to find a Callanetics teacher to get my body in shape for my holiday.  I was very lucky to find someone locally who had been a teacher, and three weeks later (after performing my personal program every day!) I took off for my holiday, and bought myself a new bikini to celebrate my new body!!

I had a wonderful holiday.  And I stopped doing the exercises.

About a month later my aches and pains came back.  I hadn’t even noticed they’d gone, for goodness sake!  And, just to prove that I’m sometimes a slow learner, I wondered if it had been the exercises that had caused my pain to go away.  So I started doing them again.  And my pain went away again.  Until that moment I had honestly thought that when I woke every morning with pain in my hips and back that it was just a natural part of aging – I was 43 years old.

At the time I was working as a Project Manager for a huge, international IT company, and I’d spent the previous couple of years trying to find something else to do.  Something that felt more worthwhile.  And I’d just found it.  I personally knew so many people who could use what I had learnt.   So I did my training (it wasn’t exactly Callanetics, but very similar, and even better) and started my business as a fitness instructor/physical therapist in July 2005.

It was pretty scary to start with.  I’d never done something like this before.  But I had always cared about people – and still do!  So, with the benefits of my training, a caring and loving attitude towards my clients and decades of experiencing pain in many different parts of my body, I started my classes.

The results were astounding.  I’ll be honest with you – I’ve never been very overweight – but with this exercise system I lost centimetres in all the right places (waist, hips, thighs) and I’m more toned.  I also gained height through improving my posture and increasing the space in my joints – I’m taller than I’ve ever been!  Most importantly, while I’ll probably always have occasional back pain (due to several compression and extension injuries – x-rays show the damage) I now know how to relieve the pain when I do something silly to aggravate the old injuries.  Also, my hip and knee pain has gone and I no longer wear the orthotics I’d been wearing for 25 years because I’ve learnt to walk and stand correctly.

Instead of expecting degeneration and pain as I age, I now expect to stay healthy and mobile far in excess of my previous beliefs.

We have developed this website to share my knowledge and experience in regard to posture assessment and correction, injury recovery, stretching and body sculpting through a series of written articles and instructional videos.  I’ll also review health and fitness products, giving my honest, expert opinion and only promoting those that are best-in-class. We want to help you make informed decisions by cutting through the hype, and cutting out the scams.

Feel free to go through our website and get to know more about how I can help you and the products we recommend.  If you have any questions or comments, please go to the contact page.  I’d love to hear from you!