How-to Videos

I hope you enjoy my instructional videos and learn something from them. I’ll be expanding the series over time so I hope you’ll return often and make use of the information I offer – if you incorporate the tips I teach into your daily life you will find yourself living in a healthier, better looking and happier body.

My number one rule is ‘NO PAIN’ so if any of these exercises aggravate injuries or weaknesses, work within your limits and don’t do any movements that cause you pain.

If you haven’t already seen it, please do watch my introductory video where I introduce myself and explain the areas where I can be of help to you.

DISCLAIMER: I am not a physician.  These ideas, suggestions and instructions are not intended as a substitute for medical advice by a qualified health care provider.  For your safety, should you have any reason for concern (for example, existing medical conditions) please consult your doctor before implementing my recommendations.

An assessment of good posture begins at the toes and ends at your crown. Follow the instructions in my posture assessment video to assess your posture and discover the areas you need to adjust to get the most out of your body.

If your body’s not in perfect alignment, follow my posture exercises videos and complete the exercises on a daily basis to improve your posture, relieve back and neck pain, improve flexibility and the functionality of your body.

This is a two part series simply because YouTube has a 15 minute limit on each video.  The exercises will not take this long once you are familiar with them.