The following testimonials are from clients who have attended my classes since 2005.  They are an indication of the results that can be achieved by accurately practicising the full range of exercises I teach, but must not be considered a guarantee of results.  I include them here as a record of my experience.  These testimonials do not have any bearing on other vendors’ products I promote on this site – you need to visit the products’ sites to view relevant client testimonials.

Some of my lovely ladies in classI’ve lived with back pain for about 14 years now, since the birth of my first child. In the beginning it was intermittent and didn’t affect my day to day routine or restrict my activity.  Over the last 5 years it has become worse and x- rays show increasing degeneration of the discs in my lower back.  I controlled and maintained it over this time with exercise combined with visits to physiotherapists, osteopaths, acupuncture, specialist medical treatment. Eventually it began to affect my sleeping as I had pain during the night too. I would be so tired and irritable as the day wore on. Even the smallest things became difficult, like bending down to kiss the children goodnight and dressing in the morning. I thought I’d tried everything to gain relief and manage the pain that I could.

It was around the time when a good night’s sleep was no longer a good night’s sleep, when I would begin the day with a stiff aching back that someone suggested I contact Vicki. After the first introductory session I noticed an improvement. This wasn’t unusual because I often had good temporary relief from my treatments. But by the end of my first term of classes, it was far more than just ‘relief’ from stiffness and pain I had. Each week I had improvement, and still do.  The benefits are numerous. I’m more flexible and stronger. I no longer have to get up and use the bathroom at night. I’m gradually reintroducing the activities I had to give up; I’m virtually pain free and enjoy a good night’s sleep. I have not needed any medication for pain since my first session, it’s been that dramatic!  I have my favourite exercises and stretches which I know work for me, I’m no longer dependant on a therapist or medication for treatment. After feeling my condition worsen for so many years I feel like a different person because month after month I notice positive changes in my strength, flexibility, activity level and wellbeing. I am looking forward to doing all the things I used to do, which is an enormous turn around from how I felt when I left the doctor’s rooms 12 months ago. Thank you Vicki.




I have suffered from a sore left leg for at least 8–9 yrs and nothing has helped it so far.  I have been told it was a pinched nerve and now sciatica.  I really don’t think anyone knows what it is…..

I have found since I have started Vicki’s classes, I have had the best relief for my leg and I can now sleep at nights and I don’t have the continuous pain and throbbing I use to have.

I feel Vicki’s classes have helped me immensely and will continue this practice for the rest of my life.

Also I feel you couldn’t get a better teacher than Vicki, I think she is so lovely and always so very helpful.

Julie Johnson



I did a big ‘shape up’ for my wedding and was impressed at how the exercises reached every muscle group.  My strengthened tummy muscles relieved back problems and I’m now able to work in the garden for much longer.  The classes gave me an overall sense of well-being and I’m much fitter.

Mrs Kerry Richards



I am an active and fit woman who discovered Vicki’s classes about four months ago.  After almost twenty years of tramping [trekking] I have strong legs and good stamina.  I have a dog who I walk morning and night.  As I love exercise I also do a pilates class weekly and a kick boxing class.  However I still had a stomach that was softer and more rounded than I wanted plus I frequently suffered with an achy lower back.

I am very pleased to say that Vicki’s classes have helped immensely with both these complaints!!  My stomach muscles are feeling stronger and my whole abdomen is flatter.

I am more aware of my posture and this is benefiting my back.

I have found this a most remarkable exercise regime; it is targeted and very powerful.  I leave the class feeling energised, strong and beautifully stretched out in the joints!!

Lisa Glading



I have been attending classes with Vicki twice a week for two terms.  The extra muscle tone I now have is a good look for summer. I’m also enjoying my increased flexibility and strength.

Vicki creates a great class atmosphere, with a few laughs too, as we each work to our own level of exercise.

The small class numbers mean that we all get personal attention from Vicki, to ensure we are doing each exercise correctly.

This is the first exercise program that I’ve stuck with. With Vicki it is like having my own personal trainer. Thanks Vicki.




I’m into my third term of classes now, and I love it!  I’m much more flexible, and my posture is better. And it’s a bit like meditation – great for the stress levels!




Vicki’s classes have done heaps for me. Being a lot stronger than I look is a real asset and Vicki’s exercises have done that for me. I have had a lot of trouble with my knees. I noticed the difference after the first class – cycling was much easier. By the end of the term the pain had gone completely and it didn’t matter what stretch I used on my knee there wasn’t a hint of pain. Vicki provided me with the most amazing workout. From the minute I started to the end of class my muscles were working to their max. With weights and a lot of other exercises you often have to do quite a few to feel your muscles working. It’s virtually impossible to injure yourself as all the exercises protect you from injury and the tutor is highly trained in correct posture. I chucked my orthotics away after a couple of classes. The pain I used to get in my legs disappeared.

After class I had this great warm and relaxed feeling all over as just about all my muscles had been worked during class.

Unlike most exercise programmes and gym workouts I found that I could see dramatic results in my everyday life. Because the strength gained is useful strength.

I have noticed the difference in the way I walk, the way I run, the way I cycle. Everything is easier and faster.

Robin Hughes, (19 years old)



I have recently completed my second term of classes and am thrilled with the results. Apart from toning all the muscle groups, the classes have made me feel really good about me.  I fully recommend Vicki as a wonderful teacher and her classes to everyone.




Many thanks for the lesson. It certainly was an experience beyond what I expected. Must say felt pretty good afterwards.  Certainly learnt a few new things about the human body.

Also, thank you for the exercise plan and will try to do at least some of them everyday.

Toby of Christchurch, a veteran master multi-sport athlete



I was apprehensive and sceptical at first.  I’d been told at my ladies get fit gym that “no pain = no gain” [Vicki’s number one rule is “no pain”].  I have had arthritis in my back, spine, fingers, etc for over 30 years.  I swam, did physio exercises, brisk walking; etc.  Nothing helped me.  After two and a half weeks of Vicki’s exercises, I no longer needed pain killers, I didn’t require doctors, and so it has been for more than two and a half years.  Gentle stretching from tips of fingers to tips of toes – elongating through the back, shoulders, neck, face, chin, eyes.  I have never looked back and now I play golf croquet which also incorporates many of the movements.

Vicki knows how to adjust the exercises to offer alternative ways of incorporating the different style of exercises.  In two and a half weeks my body shape was looking toned.  I still exercise each night as she taught me.  It is not a bore – it is a pleasure and fun.

Mrs T.H.


I would like to say thanks to Vicki and the great program of exercise she’s taught me. My back pains are gone. I became more aware of my posture. I have stopped slouching and now think of my spine as being very long and straight. And I grew an inch, too! Being 5″5′ now I can tackle modelling! Thank you, Vicki!